today: green and navy

coat (similarish here) and bag (here): zara | jumper (similarish here), polkadot shirt (similar here) and jeans(here): topshop | boots: chloe (similar here) | watch: MK (here) | collar tips and earmuffs: primark

 two more things i found in my wardrobe whilst sorting it out. i used to be absolutely obsessed with this shirt and jumper last winter! there’s literally no reason for me not wearing them other than simply losing them to my hoards of other clothes. glad i made the rediscovery though and it gave me an excuse to wear my new collar tips. i really like them as an accessory, so i’ll be looking out for more pairs when i’m shopping. if you’ve seen any nice ones about, let me know!
i actually wore this outfit (sans the chloe boots as they have no grip whatsoever) to go to my boyfriends house over the weekend. we watched the dark knight rises and both a) didn’t understand the point of it and b) were hugely disappointed and demanded two hours of our lives back. sorry anne hathaway, you’re a total babe and respect for wearing nerdy glasses all the time, but you were so wrongly cast in that film. i’m doing an audible sigh right now, just incase you wanted to know.
still having a love affair with the zara bag (complete with earmuffs on the side, i get horrific earache in cold wind which makes me want to curl up into a ball and die) and coral lipsticks. i bought a few orange-y toned lipsticks recently which i may have to shove into a mini haul video, as i was extremely awful and picked up some beauty/fashion things i probably shouldn’t have. whups.
i don’t have anything interesting to say other than i start this term of uni again today. i would say boo but i’m only in three hours a week… wheyyyy £3k+ a year and all that. after my one lecture, i’m off to pick my niece up from school and post some blog sale stuff which reminds me…

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ps. have you seen the polkadot dreams store? it’s full of adorable accessories that you simply need in your life. go go go!

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