today: grey and red

jeans and blazer: topshop / belt: hermes / jumper: H&M / boots: chloe / bag: D&G / watch: MK

my white blazer keeps catching my eye whilst thinking of an outfit to go around these boots. same with the grey jeans, though i think that’s sienna miller’s influence. they look a bit more subdued in colour on the pictures but they’re a true, bright, lipstick red.
this outfit was put together to go precisely nowhere. plans were cancelled last minute and i ended up doing nothing! slightly frustrating, but i suppose it gives me a chance to get on with other things i had to do.
so, today i’m going to package up some of my ebay items, watch some films, do some blogging and generally potter about. also, i’ve been thinking that i’d quite like someone to do guest post on my blog. it could be about whatever you like, aslong as it fits in with the general feel of the blog. so, if you’re interested in doing that please send me an email at: [email protected]

last weekend, i got really into looking up nail art and was inspired to do the above patterns. the tribal ones got chipped/marked pretty easily as i was working with super glue on saturday night, so they had to be replaced with the butterfly wings on sunday. the ombre underneath could of been neater but i quite like how they turned out!

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