today: grey and taupe

jeans (here and similar here) and jumper (similar here and here): topshop / necklace: H&M (here) / boots: isabel marant (here) / bag: chloe (different colours here and here) / lipstick: YSL in no. 17 ‘red muse’ (here)
ignore the creased top in the second photo, i took it before my jumper uncreased itself hah.

a pretty boring outfit, i’ll agree, but i might just be in love with my new bag. there was that horrible moment of worry when it arrived off ebay, pondering whether it was authentic or not. the seller seemed to want my money pretty quickly, he was snappy when i asked questions, it came without a dust bag etc. buuut, thanks to the lovely people at purse forum who i’m sure are geniuses, i can confirm it is 100% genuine. that’s a whole £1250 worth of bag (see net-a-porter here) for an absolute steal of a price, only because it’s got a mark or two which you can’t even see. happy, shallow helen is happy.
went to my boyfriends (what a surprise, ey?) to make wraps, drink coconut water (it’s an addiction) and tried to figure out whether my bag is indeed grey, taupe or brown. fun times, let me tell you. i had to go to a christening on sunday and only half of me wanted to go. i’m not good with these formal situations so am seeing it as a fashion challenge, as i’m wearing heels i can’t walk in. i was parading around the house all saturday trying not to snap my ankles in them so bring it on church, do your worst.

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