today: grey jersey and my stupid face

shorts (similar here and here) and jumper (similar here and here): H&M / bag: D&G (mini version here) / watch: MK (similar here) / boots: isabel marant (here)

these shorts have been sat in my wardrobe for about 3 months with the price tags still on. i loved them, but never thought i’d find a time to wear them, until now that is. let’s pretend they fit into some sort of sports chic trend, shall we?

it’s too warm to wear jeans but too temperamental to not wear some form of knitwear, so this was the best i could do. went into town to see my friend and we went to a mexican restaurant where i ordered the most un-mexican dish on the menu (see below).
eventually got my mitts on models own ‘utopia’ and ‘purple grey’, as it was buy one get one half price. while i was in boots i bought la roche-posay effaclar mat (here), which is an oil free mattifying moisturiser. my dr haushcka melissa one takes too long to sink in, so i’m hoping this’ll work better during the day. (see pics here)
my real techniques brushes came in the post too (here). i initially wasn’t too sure about them, but my makeup has lasted a bit longer than usual, so that’s gotta be good. also got that most blogged about makeup remover/cleanser: micellaire solution by bioderma, hope my skin likes it.
i also welcomed moroccan oil back into my life (here). a little 10ml sample lasted me a very long time before, but the the original formula was too heavy for my hair so i opted for a 25ml bottle of their light version. it works just as well as the original but, if you brush it through after applying, it doesn’t weigh your hair down. yayy all round.
if you haven’t already noticed, i’m really into beauty, skincare and haircare at the moment. so i’ll probably keep mentioning little things i’ve bought and things that work for my skintype/hairtype (combination/sensitive and fine/normal-oily as i touch my hair a lot). i know i’m not a beauty blogger, but hey, it’s my blog and i’ll blog about what i want and various other self-righteous statements.

obligatory peace sign, yeahh. i hadn’t shown my face for a while so i thought i’d treat you! (massively joking). as much as i hate the smell of that revlon lip stain (as mentioned before) i do quite like the shade, even if it just looks a bit like MAC’s craving aka my favourite lipstick of all time.

taaalking about lipstick, i had a wander over to YSL’s counter today and swatched about 8 of them. this was obviously a huge mistake as i now want EVERY SINGLE ONE. sweet jesus they’re beautiful. along with the new foundation, though i’ve heard a lot of people break out from it. has anyone had that issue? let me know, as that’s the last thing i need right now.

onto the food, my favourite part of any day (says the closet fatty). my friend got a chicken burrito which was quite nice but i wouldn’t choose it myself. next we have my dips which are salsa, aioli (which just tastes like garlic mayo) and jalapenos to put in my burger, which is the last photo. it was alright, i’ve had better homemade ones before. though, i’ve got to say curly fries rule over straight french fries any day. yumm.
it’s rare that i don’t get dessert in a restaurant, i’d skip a starter for it every single time. my choice was caramel cake with dulce de leche on the top (super sickly but amazing) and sharon got chocolate brownies with whipped cream, ice cream and caramel sauce (also yum, but i can’t eat ice cream due to bleaching my teeth too much. it’s oh so painful)

bit of a longer post today, guys. 10 points if you get all the way to the end without wanting to slam your face off the keyboard.

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