today: huge coats and what i’m currently reading

coat: asos / boots, jumper and jeans: topshop / bag: mulberry / jewellery: vivienne westwood
despite this coat being an XS, it’s absolutely massive. tent-like some may say. i still sort of love it though and spent the majority of my media curled up inside of it.
i finished at 5 today so i’m back to my usual (well, recently) badly lit photos in my room. i’m also still wearing glasses as boots opticians are literally the worst company in the world (ever ever ever) and have, for some unknown reason, stopped ordering in my contact lenses, but are still taking the money out of my account. cheers, appreciate it. 
i spent the weekend at my boyfriends house and we spent an insane amount of money on cocktails. some were delicious, others were disgusting. one looked like strawberry jam and was even served in a jam jar, pity it was one of the not so nice ones.
i boycotted the gym in favour of eating cadbury fingers which is probably counter-productive. i’ll be going tomorrow so i’m sure it’s fine.  

this evening i will be starting a new book (chuck palahniuk – survivor. it’s backwards on the picture, yes i know) and eventually reading my elle magazine that i bought last wednesday.  i’m also going to paint my nails, so expect a post of that. i know that’s an oh so exciting prospect, so i might even do them glittery for an extra dose of awesome.