TODAY: It’s My Birthday!

The clue is in the title, ladies and gents, today is indeed my birthday. 24 and still no idea what I want to do with my life. I was going to put up a normal post, but thought I’d share some snaps of my little trip to Manchester yesterday. One of my best friends (on the right) lives there and we only get to see her once every few months, so as it was close to my birthday (and we didn’t get to see her for hers), we decided to get up at a painful hour of the morning and visit for the day. We ate a disgusting amount of food, including amazing pulled pork and sweet potato from Home Sweet Home, a place I always have to visit because the food is just so good. I took some cake home with me and may or may not have ate some for breakfast. Mmmm…

As mentioned in a previous post, I got a new camera! Now, there’s nothing wrong with my old one (and I will still continue to use it), I just wanted to branch out into the world of DSLR’s and really learn how to use one. I’ve basically inhaled the manual and am oh so excited to get to grips with the settings. It’s so nice being able to look through a viewfinder! OH and having a flip screen too, jeez that’ll come in handy instead of having to wildly guess if I’m in focus or straight, or even on the screen at all.

So yes, a short and rather random post from me today! Hope you all have a lovely Sunday whatever you’re up to. Go comment on a few blogs, make someone’s day :)

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