today: khaki and khaki

jeans (here) and jumper (similar here): topshop / bag: celine / boots: isabel marant (similar here) / bracelets: asos (top to bottom: here, here, here and similar here) / watch: MK (here)

these jeans came as part of a little topshop order earlier that was 80% khaki. seriously, i ordered this shirt and this jumper too. i’m going to blend into the environment before long. well, if i lived near the woods. which i don’t. anyways, the combination of army tones and white has always appealed to me, so the jumper was a given. the bracelets came in an order that morning too (25% student discount, oh asos, you spoil us) so i threw most of them on. as usual, i complained/asked on twitter whether i should order my rose gold watch aswell and the answer, of course, came back yes (you’re all such bad enablers, in a good way). i’ll have to feature that in a later post as it’s oh so pretty and now attached firmly to my wrist.

as usual (my life must seem pretty boring, i’d pretend it isn’t but i’d be lying) i went to my boyfriends house last friday night and actually had to put a leather jacket on as it was freezing outside! this didn’t help the fact that i had had a headache/earache since wednesday and was feeling sick of my life. i couldn’t even be bothered to make proper food, so you know it’s pretty serious!
one of the boy’s friends engagement party was on the saturday but i thought i’d be a misery all day so i decided against going. instead, i sat at home in a tshirt, jumper and a hoody (yes i was cold) and ordered some nail polish. what a wild weekend it was!

thank you so much for entering my last giveaway if you did! i (well, my mum using, that worked well last time) will be picking the winner and i’ll announce it in my next post! i’ll be doing a huge giveaway when i get to 1000 followers, as even typing that makes me go aaaahhhh so i think you all deserve it. now, what to give away…

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