today: leather and zero motivation

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photos from google images

todays events:
– went to university this morning and there was a man at the metro station who was just hurling abuse at people. i practically broke my neck trying to look in the opposite direction to him so i didn’t make eye contact. strange people in the world
– had an group interview with a fashion editor for a regional paper, she was really nice
– wore a half leather dress from topshop (sale, reduced from a fortune to £20, excellent). the top half is really thick, so it’s toasty warm. i put it with my default coat of the moment, you would think the grey part of the dress wouldn’t go but it kinda did. all paired with black flats, black tights and my vintage black satchell bag.
– i have 1000 words to write in less than 12 hours and i am 0 words in. fantastic. i just can’t seem to make myself do any work. i am going to be a useless journalist, you know the career with loads of deadlines. urg

think that’s it for today, i can’t do any actual photos because, well, my makeup’s been on since 8 this morning and i’m being a nerd in glasses. i promise i’ll be a better blogger soon, not like many people read this :)

ps. to add to my long list of bag wants, i am now adding the celine boston tote in black python to the list. i’m making myself upset with the thousands this would cost me…