today: leopard and chelsea boots

coat: topshop via ebay (similar here) / jeans: topshop (here) / jumper: H&M (here) / boots: primark (similar here) / bag: mulberry (similar here) / watch: MK (here)

this is sort of my face. i can just about manage the whole looking down thing, but we’ll have to work on looking up. i actually wore this yesterday (and took a very vain picture in my boyfriend’s bathroom mirror here) but like the tramp i am, decided to throw it on to go home the next day. early morning metro’s are so awful, god knows how people do it in london every day at stupidly early hours. there was some guy who smelled like a pub floor and, because it was busy, he was right next to me and just stared at me for a good 15minutes! i didn’t know where to look! creep.
anyways, onto nicer things! so happy that i won this coat for super cheap on ebay, gotta love new sellers who don’t know how to list things! i swore i wouldn’t buy any more coats, but i have an addiction that can’t be stopped. there needs to be some form of rehab for this type of junk. all i need is a black fur one, a mid-light toned grey one and a dark purple one so my little wardrobe will be complete. oh and i’m still on the eternal hunt for a perfect biker jacket as mine is way too big! i’m putting 70% of the coats i currently own on ebay over the next few days, so i’ll put the link up on here and on my twitter when i do! aside from that, there’s always my blog sale! lots of things still need to go :)

i’ve always wanted heeled chelsea boots, but could never justify the £70+ in topshop just incase they’d cripple me and/or i’d fall flat on my face in them! so when i happened to go into primark with a friend, i was so pleased to find these sitting on the shelf for a much more reasonable sum of £15. now i can continue to live my life pretending they’re isabel marant and i’m alison mosshart or caroline blomst. the mulberry is along for the ride, of course.

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pps. please take a look at the ever so lovely abbi grant’s blog, i really love it and her most recent post is so cute! click here.

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