today: leopard and leather

top: zara | shorts: zara | boots: isabel marant | bag: michael kors selma | watch: michael kors MK8077

hello! by the time this post goes up, i’ll either be in amsterdam airport or on my way to helsinki. yayy holidays etc. i obviously haven’t learned anything from this outfit, as i’ve packed my leather shorts and will probably die of the heat as a result. nevermind, ey? wish i had packed the top though, such a great zara sale purchase! on a similar holiday note, i’m desperate for a new pair of rayban sunglasses. the need for them rolls round every summer and this year i fancy either the oversized black pair or tortoiseshell wayfarers. which pair do you guys prefer? my collection needs expanding!
anyways, i started work this week as i’m sure you’re all aware (at least those of you who follow me on twitter) and it’s been a mixture of both tiring and productive. mostly tiring as i’m not used to getting up off my arse before 10am. so lazy. also, cheapy shoes from primark are a no go, any recommendations for black flats that won’t leave me feeling like i want to chop my feet off?
i’ve got nothing else to say, so i’ll save you from my ramblings and stop typing…

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