TODAY: The Leopard Coat

coat: Zara | shirt: Zara | jeans: Paige Denim | shoes: Isabel Marant | bag: Michael Kors | sunglasses: Stella McCartney* 

Just a quick post from me, as I’m officially in zombie mode after choosing to watch more J-drama instead of sleeping last night. Anyway, as soon as Amy and I went to take these photos, the sun came out hence looking white as a ghost in these shots! Doesn’t help when you’re wearing pretty much all black though I guess. Well black and a dash of Pat Butcher, you gotta love a bit of leopard print, right?

I honestly haven’t got much to say, I feel so boring even typing this out! OH one thing is thank you if you voted for me in the NE Blogger Awards (it’s not Company, but hey, it’s good enough for me) even though I only talked about it months ago, but I’m shortlisted for best beauty blog so yayy. How exciting. Also, my blog sale ends on Monday so snap up some AW coats while you can! Over and out.

Helen x
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