TODAY: The London Photo Diary

So, as you may or may not be aware, my sister and I went on a little trip to London last weekend! I’ve only ever been daaaan saaf twice previously, once with when I was in school and once in uni, which gave me precisely one hour to shop which isn’t very long at all. This time, as we were going for three days, shopping (and eating) was the main thing on our agenda! There’s lots more I wanted to do and would do next time round, such as going to the Comedy Carnival (which I was actually offered tickets too) as they do really good deals for occasions and are meant to be such a great night out – maybe next year, ey?

We stayed in the CitizenM Hotel which was such an amazing place! I am a big fan of design, so this hotel ticked all of those boxes, from the huge bookcases to the colour scheme to the jars they store their orange juice at breakfast. Everything is so well thought out, optimising space in the rooms to create a chic yet spacious feel. Plus the bed is enormous and now I need one that size in my future house. I would definitely recommend staying there as the staff are very helpful, even when there was a hiccup with the booking, and it’s only a 3-5min minute walk from Southwark station – ideal!

Anyway, here’s what we got up to:
Day One | We arrived in London at around 2pm after consuming a very large caramel hot chocolate. Once we navigated our way across to our hotel, checked in and got distracted by the colour changing room, we headed back out to central London. I was meeting my best friend who moved down there, so we caught up outside of Topshop and did a spot of purchasing (in my next post!) in UO. We went to Liberty, as I’d never been, and I got lost in the Selfridges beauty hall aka. my heaven. Praise to Charlotte Tilbury – just wish the lipsticks I wanted had of been in stock! We headed over to Meatliquor for tea, which was ok, not mindblowing, not disappointing, just alright (and too dark to take photos!) before heading home for an early night!

Day Two | We went for breakfast in the hotel, which was oh so good and I ate my body weight in croissants. Afterwards, we managed to lose three hours in Harrods and only got up four or five floors, didn’t even get to see the shoes! It’s such an awesome shop and made me wish I was rich. We went back to Oxford St and grabbed some milkshakes before doing lots of shopping, including visiting & Other Stories which I’d been looking forward to for months! For tea, we went to Byron Burger (yes, more burgers) and I’m so glad we did! The cheeseburger was sooo good, plus mac’n’cheese on the side was ideal – a bottle of wine didn’t go amiss either!

Day Three | We checked out the hotel and decided to have a bit of a chilled day, as our Saturday in London was exhausting! We went to Zara to get some things for my sister, then Starbucks for another compulsory caramel hot chocolate and onto Hamley’s (aka the craziest shop ever). We investigated lots of places around Soho and mentally bookmarked foodie venues to visit next time. We wandered back to Kingley Court and decided to visit Whyte & Brown after seeing it the previous night. It was so good that I just can’t even. My sister got a BBQ chicken bap and I got a kebab with butternut hummus and tzatziki. The sweet potato fries with feta are the best things ever too. We then watched the lights being switched on on Regent Street and headed off for the train!

Sorry for the length of this post, but I got a bit excited! I had a lovely weekend so I hope you like the post even though most won’t find it as thrilling as me haha

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Helen x
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I was provided with a complimentary night and breakfast by CitizenM for review.