today: MAC haul and university



this is my face today, nice and boring! desperately need my fringe cutting.

my MAC haul arrived today!
left column: impassioned and dubonnet
middle column: craving, morange, pink nouveau and blankety
right column: paint pot in painterly and cream colour base in pearl

got this palette from MAC off ebay, it was so poorly packaged that two of the shadows arrived smashed! so upsetting as the colours are all really nice

 so excited about my nail polishes!
top: milner street (amazing blue colour), charlotte mews (lavender), basil street (caramel taupe)
bottom: shoreditch (bright fushia pink), blandford street (totally matches impassioned lipstick), ormond gate (purple-burgundy)
my nail polish is barry m in a mint colour by the way, just incase it crossed your mind
i was very annoyed when i came back from my boyfriend’s house to absolutely no packages! then as soon as i put the tv on there was a knock at the door, that cheered me up (sad i know).

yesterday, i had to change my degree so i could continue to study fashion journalism. so, i get to learn how to do magazine layouts now aswell as everything else. which means more indesign (which i hate) and i’m going to have to learn to use a mac properly, i’m too used to my boring yet functional laptop. apparently i get to organise and style my own fashion shoot and design a fashion magazine next year. all i have to do is stop posting on here and finish the work i’ve got left to do so i can pass this year!