today: manchester, doughnuts and purchases

i went to manchester today with sharon and this is what i wore:
dusty rose trousers: asos / stripe jumper: asos / jacket: h&m / bag: celine

we got krispy kreme doughnuts, as there isn’t one in newcastle. creme filled and butterscotch fudge are my favourites.
i bought a floral pattern top and midi skirt, that suede dress from h&m, a tweed blazer complete with elbow patches and a bright yellow skirt. the picture makes it look really lemon coloured, but it’s literally like a sunflower, it’s so bright!
i also got a black and white polka dot shirt, which i’m wearing right now and can’t force myself to take a picture because i’m too comfortable.
N.B. if you watch the UK apprentice you’ll be able to understand why sharon is pulling that face.
i had a lovely day, i had a cajun chicken burger and about 2ltrs of still fanta.