today: mint and cupcakes

jumper and jeans: topshop / bag: celine / shoes: ebay
today was my day off. well, today was a day i didn’t have an exam and should have been revising for my ones next week, but instead went out in the sunshine. i had to run some errands so i ventured into town in a jumper. yes, a jumper. mistake number one. luckily, my friend called me and asked if i was free so i was bought a delicious nandos (it’s always better when you don’t have to pay for it) and cooled down with a strawberry milkshake afterwards. i ended up buying so much stuff (sadly nothing for me in the fashion or beauty department) that the weight of my bag kept causing my arm to go numb. mistake number two.
i just can’t seem to get enough of these trainers since i bought them! best purchase ever. i’ve noticed my celine bag has become all misshapen as i keep flinging loads of things in it and not treating it very nicely. i need to straighten it out… somehow.
anyways, after town i then came home and did some baking. my mum has just bought one of those huge kitchen aid mixers and i got to be the first one to try it out.
they’re part of a birthday present for tomorrow. eight vanilla with vanilla frosting and eight chocolate with chocolate frosting. i had a few left over and they’re rather delicious if i do say so myself, mmm.
hope you’s have all had a lovely day so far!
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