today: MONEY!!

my student loan came in today and i’m sort of hesitant to spend it. yes, after moaning about having no money for about a month i’m now in a sort of reluctant mood. i’m used to being poor, perhaps? hah
i’ve added the following things to my basket on the debenhams wesbite, they’ve got the MAC lipsticks reduced (£1.35 off) and this makes me incredibly happy:

i’ve posted morange, impassioned and dubonnet before as they’ve been on my want list for a while. the other three have just came about after viewing karlasugar’s website, which contains the best MAC product resource lists that i’ve ever seen. hundreds of swatches on lipsticks, glosses, blushers. you name it, she’s swatched it.
anways, pink nouveau just looks like the perfect pink shade (and darker than snob, which makes it justifiable), blankety is the compulsory nude shade and craving might be the right plum that i’ve been looking for.

i’ve also added this. MAC’s cream colour base in ‘pearl’. i need a highlighter and after some research and swatch hunting i think this one will do.

i needed a base to eyeshadow and to blank out any uneven patches on my eyelids, so i opted for a paint pot in the colour ‘painterly’, which will hopefully match my skin tone.

finally, nails inc full size set. reduced down to £28 which i consider a definite bargain given the quality (and the fact that they’re £11 each). in the colours:  Shoreditch, Charlotte mews, Blandford Street, Basil and Milner Street. love them!

i would like a few blushes aswell, i’m considering buying springsheen, breezy and and breath of plum. this is mainly cus i only use 1 blusher and i feel like it sometimes washes me out. the colours are as follows:

breezy and breath of plum are a lot darker than what i’d usually use. both are sheertones, so they should give a wash of colour which is build-able rather than a block of tone.

so yeah, that’s my list of stuff i want to buy. pity it all costs so much. i always do such long posts aswell, sorry guys!