today: monochrome and new phone cases

dress: ASOS (here) | coat and bag: zara (here) | watch: MK (here) | boots: primark | lipstick: MAC chatterbox

hello! hope you lot are alright and all that jazz. now, a few people have asked me what i was wearing in my latest youtube video and it was this lovely one from ASOS. i bought it a while back and although i’ve worn it a few times, i’ve never featured it on my blog. i’m aaaall over this monochrome trend, so i think i’ll be pairing it with my dickers and bare legs when it stops being so horrifically cold outside.
anyways, i wore this to go for drinks with my boyfriend’s friends (the ones who are getting married in helsinki, hence why i’m going there in the first place) and it was quite a nice night. i hadn’t been to the pub before but it was one of those little tucked away indie places down the quayside. which, if you haven’t been to newcastle before, means i had to walk down a giant hill in those boots. oh my poor toes.

you may or may not know that i am a phone case addict. i went through a phase a little while ago where i bought so many of them, but then changed my phone and they were all left redundant! so, when the lovely caseapp contacted me to ask if i wanted to design my own custom iphonecase i was all for it. it’s strange to have a phone case that doesn’t have ears (cat, rabbit and bear ears respectively) but i love them as they’re exactly what i wanted and they’re great quality. i’ve had the images on my computer forever, so am unsure where to give credit to, but i think they turned out really well. the caseapp website is so easy to use, too. you just upload a picture (or several, if you want a collage style case), add text if you want, preview and go to check out! so simple but so pretty.

you’ve got til wednesday to get 50% off selected rings from dixi! just type ‘lovecats’ into the search box :)

ps. take a peek at georgia’s latest blog post, click here!

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