today: more japanese food, red lipstick and glitter

today, i went to the same japanese restaurant as last week for my friend leanne’s birthday. i had fillet steak again and chicken fried rice. for starter i had calamari in a ‘hot japanese sauce’, which was the most mild thing i’ve ever tasted. it had about as much spice as mayo. what a disappointment.

afterwards we went for drinks and, as i don’t go out drinking as much as i did when i lived by myself, i was properly shocked at the price. i know i sound like such a nana, but i’d rather buy the entire bottle of vodka for the price i pay for a double, thank you very much.

i wore jeans, my compulsory black wedges, a black vest top and this vintage blazer. it’s velvet with these patches of multi-colour glitter. sounds like a disaster but it’s really a glam rock esque victory. 

i wore MAC dubonnet lipstick for the first time and oh my god was it a pain in the arse to wear. even with lipliner it was bleeding all over the place. think i need to work on it as i do like the colour.

as it is past half 1 in the am i think i need to go to sleep, i have 3 bits of uni work to do tomorrow. luckily it’s fashion so i can basically go wheeee clothes and i get a 2:1…