TODAY: My New Favourite Jacket

jacket: gestuz | jeans: paige denim (can’t find a link, but they’re on sale!) | bag: D&G | tee: H&M | shoes: topshop | nails: essie aperitif

Hello! This is pretty much the outfit I wore for my Christmas staff night out, minus the tee. …Not minus completely, but it was swapped for a wrap front top from Zara, which looked infinitely better. Photographing this jacket is extremely difficult, but I promise you it’s utterly beautiful. It’s all beaded and weighs a tonne. The oversized fit is absolutely perfect though and I promise to wear it all of the time once it gets a bit warmer.

I also may have fallen in love with high end denim brands and these Paige jeans are no exception. They’re the softest, most comfortable things that have ever adorned my legs and I wouldn’t be without them. Totally hidden more pairs at work in the hope that they go down further in the sale, as there’s a few I would adore in my wardrobe!

So, I hope you have a lovely weekend! Typically, I’m at work today as you should all know, retail robs you of your Saturday’s. But, I do have Sunday off again (two in a row, it’s a bloomin’ miracle!) so will probably pop over to my boyfriend’s, eat some nice food and play on GTA5. I wrote out a huge list of blog posts I want to do, too, so I may work on them including some blogger collabs. More on that later though…

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