TODAY: My New Hair

This feels like a weirdly self indulgent post, but I’ve been waiting to get my hair done since November (or maybe earlier) and it finally happened! These photos don’t really do it justice to be honest, as it makes it look like it’s all one tone, which is isn’t. You can see on my instagram and on this photo how multi-tonal it is, plus it’s a lot cooler in person.

Rambling aside, I went to Savannah Spa in Newcastle after being treated to an amazing press night a few months back. The place is such an escape, very luxe feeling with super plush carpets and treatment rooms, and the hair salon is nice and light so you can actually see everything properly. Tom did my hair after discussing it with me for around 15-20 minutes, looking through photos and really narrowing down what I wanted. My brief was that I just wanted ‘more blonde, but natural looking, as beachy as possible’ as I already had some lighter tones in, but I wanted to keep my natural hair colour at the top. So, he did two different blonde shades throughout with foils (why did no one tell me how hot and heavy they are?) which took an hour just to apply, darn long hair. After, he cut around four inches of my hair off, which I was super pleased about as it was oh so damaged so now it’s blunt and in healthy condition again. He styled it really well and talked through all of the products, plus we discussed loads more with me being into beauty blogging and such. I asked so many questions and he didn’t mind answering a single one, which, to me, is the sign of a good hairdresser. So I’d definitely go back and will do so in around 3-4 months for my cut and around 6 months for my colour. I might have got 40% off the first time round, but would happily pay full price in future! Don’t you love it when you find a great new hairdresser? One that will talk about cats with you for an hour is a bonus, too.

What do you guys think then? Don’t forget to enter my £60 skincare giveaway as it ends really soon and check out my blog sale!

Helen x
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