TODAY: My NYE Outfit

jacket: Gestuz (on sale from £250 to only £87 on ASOS!) | top: Topshop | jeans: Paige Denim | heels: Daniel Footwear* | bag: Mulberry | sunglasses: Celine*

Can you believe this is my first outfit post since the 18th? Crazy, I know, I’ve usually got an alright routine with them but Christmas and being really busy means I’ve slipped behind. Hopefully I’ll be back on track from now on, so that was a sort of half-apology (not like anyone eve noticed!)

Moving on, this jacket makes me feel like a Balmain 70’s glam rock vintage disco princess and I’m quite ok with that. It’s so embellished and weighs about 10lbs, but it’s possibly the prettiest thing in my wardrobe and something I don’t get to wear enough since buying it last year! So, this outfit is a bit of a pretend ‘what I’d wear foe New Years Eve’ even though my real NYE will be spent in bed eating pizza no doubt. Less rock and roll than this jacket suggests. I decided a wrap blouse, coated jeans and cut out heels were the way to go, as the blazer is loud enough and I think it works. I’d still probably freeze and die as much as I did when I was taking these snaps. The things I do for this blog…

Rambling aside, I truly hope everyone has had a wonderful 2014 and that 2015 continues to be great, both personally and in blogging (if you blog yourself). Thanks so much for reading this blog throughout the year, whether you check it religiously or stumble on it every once in a while, I appreciate you all!

Helen x
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