today: my online shopping rant

recently, i don’t seem to be having much luck with online shopping. there’s only a few things i’ve received that are just as i thought they would be, the rest have been totally useless.

my latest issue seems to fall down to people and companies rather than the items themselves:

1) H&M – i’ve heard many bad stories about H&M’s online store and how utterly incompetant they are, and i really should have taken their advice. i placed my order a few weeks ago to be told that some items wouldn’t be in stock until the end of the month and due for delivery at the start of september. as they were items that i really wanted i thought that was fair enough, i wasn’t in a major rush. so, i went on their website today to see if there was any updates on my order and was surprised to find nothing there. no pending orders, no order history. i checked my emails and i definitely got confirmation of it, so now i’m well and truly pissed off. thanks very much H&M, you are utterly rubbish!

2) EBAY – i buy a lot of stuff off ebay as anyone who reads my blog will know, i don’t see the point in paying full price for something when i can get it, unworn, with the tags off for half the cost. anyways, i really loved this jacket when it first came out at topshop and i was really happy when i found the exact same style jacket on ebay in my size, and got it for only £25 (reall leather, too). i’ve waited 11 days now so i messaged the girl only for her to say she hadn’t even posted it yet. rage

3) ASOS – i also buy many things off ASOS and really wanted to take advantage of their ‘newseasonvip’ 20% off discount code (which ends tonight), resulting in me getting £29 off the items i want. if you spend over £100, you’re entitled to free next day delivery, which is part of the reason i’m getting the items in the first place. for some reason, at checkout it won’t let me have both and i really don’t want to wait 8 days to get them. i’ve messaged customer service about it and they sent me an email saying i can’t get a reply within 4 hours and that someone will get back to me within 24, which is too late for the discount code. it’s such a dilemma! rage, yet again!

i think i’ve finished my rant now, have any of you had either bad customer service or experience with completely unreliable companies/people on ebay? i definitely won’t be shopping at H&M’s website again!