TODAY: Navy and Orange

blazer: H&M, alt | playsuit: wal G | shoes: primark, alt | bag: D&G | watch: michael kors, alt

Hello! I don’t have all that much to say today, as my my brain is mush from waking up before 7am and have to be at work until 9pm. Booo. Going to my sisters house is always a little reminder never to have children, as your ability to have a lie in is immediately forfeit . Mostly by my niece deciding to place herself two inches away from my face to see if I was awake or not, followed by my nephew bringing all of the toys in the house into my bedroom. The noisy ones too, naturally.

Anyways, I just have tomorrow at work before a day off so shall be doing all of the blog prep so I can get things done on the morning, including writing a new blog tips post! Apologies that it’s been a little while since my last one, but you know, life and everything. Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

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