today: neon and not wearing jeans for once

jumper and boots: topshop / bag: D&G / skirt: H&M / tights: M&S / jacket: religion

my plans to sit round and do nothing on saturday were interrupted by potentially seeing a friend. unfortunately, these plans ended up being cancelled at the last minute which is hugely annoying but that’s life and all that.

oh, what? i’m not wearing jeans like i always do? yes, it’s a rare occasion but sometimes it happens. in all honesty, i feel a million times more comfortable during the day in a pair of jeans or shorts. maybe this is the start of me being more girly? who knows. no, but seriously, i really don’t think i like it. i feel like my legs are enormous at the moment (haha), but this blog is about outfits i’ve genuinely worn so i’m grinning and baring it, so they say.
i’m still really in to my neon shades so this jumper is a no brainer, even if my dad thinks i look like i belong on a building site (you know, high-vis jackets and all). parents, they just never get it do they? even when you’re 22 and have surpassed all your phases (punk, goth and ‘indie kid’ respectively), they still think you dress strangely.

it’s not often i have pictures with my glasses on so ta-da! there you go. i desperately need some new ones as these keep sliding down my nose and i keep pushing them up like an old person. not very chic, let me tell you.
ignore how messy the nails are please, i hadn’t cleaned them up (due to lack of cotton buds) and had to take a picture before i forgot. anyways, strawberries! yaayy etc.

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