TODAY: Neon Yellow and Black

jumper: zara | jeans: topshop | bag: LYDC* | shoes: converse* | coat: zara | nails: ciate chinchilla

Hello! Sorry for the indoor pics, but it’s been miserable weather up North recently so haven’t been able to venture outside without getting a mouthful of hair due to the wind. Plus I’m working six full shifts in a row, so that doesn’t help either!

Anyway, would you believe this is my first ever pair of Converse? Seriously. I didn’t even have any as a teen when they were all the emo rage. I was kindly sent them to customise with studs etc but literally couldn’t bring myself to do anything as I really love them plain! I’ve wanted a pair of low top white ones for an absolute age too, so expect to see them a lot this summer. Along with white jeans, which I’ve been featuring rather heavily recently, as I can’t get enough of them.

I’m on a long, late shift today and tomorrow, so I can guarantee I’ll be pretty fed up right now! These late finishes are really getting to me, as I’m already massively unmotivated with my blog right now so three late’s in a row isn’t helping. Think I need a major dose of motivation when it comes to my blog, as I’m really just not feeling it at the moment. Any suggestions on how to shake myself out of it?

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