TODAY: Neutral

blazer: H&M | jumper: H&M | jeans: Topshop | boots: Chloe | bag: Gucci | sunglasses: Celine* | watch: Daniel Wellington*

I’m still trying to crack the whole neutral thing by slowly introducing more nude tones into my wardrobe and it seems to be working ok so far. I still think I look a bit weird, as it’s not grey or navy but I’m getting there – it’s a work in progress! It’s so odd saying something like that when you think about it, as it’s just a colour but when you’re used to being rather monochrome and your entire wardrobe is pretty much on the greyscale.

Anyway, despite feeling very self conscious in this outfit, I think this style outfit is gonna be my thang this Spring. I’m totally feeling the whole light knit-blazer-skinny jeans combo so no doubt I’ll be wearing it a lot on this lil’ blog, even though it’s nothing mindblowing.

So, back to reality, it’s Friday! Despite only being a four day week, I just haven’t been feeling it and think I need another three day weekend. For the past few days I just haven’t been hungry at all and am only forcing food down so I don’t pass out, but I have no idea what’s wrong with me as food = life so I hope that goes away soon! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Helen x
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