TODAY: New In #3

I haven’t done a proper clothing haul in ages. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but big clothes shopping just isn’t appealing right now, nothing stands out or appeals in the shops or gives me that ‘oh I’ve got to have it!’ feeling. I think that’ll change as soon as the full A/W pieces come out (hello coats and boots) but for now, I’ve picked up a few little bits and thought I’d share, including some beauty purchases at the end too.

First up are these phenomenal Miu Miu Glitter Sunglasses*. I remember when they were first released and I thought they were a combination of brilliant and completely over the top. Finding their way into my collection is something I didn’t see happening, but the inner glitter loving five-year-old in me couldn’t say no when they were staring at me from a computer screen. I actually adore the cat eye shape, as that suits my face, and the glitter isn’t as crazy in person as you’d think. I’m hoping I can summon some sassy to wear them, so expect a lil’ feature in some outfit posts soon no doubt.

Next are three little pieces. I wanted the Topshop Koala suede and leather loafers since I tried them on in Manchester ages ago, but stupidly never picked them up and you know as soon as they’re sold out, the need increases. So, when Josie (check out her blog, she’s lovely!) mentioned she got hers, I checked online and low and behold, they were back in stock! That was the quickest checkout ever, let me tell you. That off-white roll neck made its way in there too, as I think I’ll be perfect for summer to autumn dressing. It’s quite light, but it’ll look great layered with other things as it cools down. Finally, I’ve been trying to wear necklaces more, so this beautiful Delilah Dust Crystal Necklace* has been adorning my neck quite a lot. I actually got this a while back and only just realised I never photographed it!

Finally, I had to include some makeup! I recently received this beautiful YSL Couture Eyeshadow Palette* (shade 3, Afrique) and I’ll be doing a makeup look with it for another post. It’s absolutely beautiful though! I eventually got my mitts on some Illamasqua glamore lipsticks and I picked up the shades Cherub (a coral-nude), Minx (a berry-nude) and Glissade (a berry-pink). I love the formula of these are they are long lasting and non-drying, which is important as a slick on and go girl like me!

So they’re a few recently purchases! I actually wrote this post out a few days ago and since then have made orders on both Zara and ASOS, so my first statement has been completely thrown out of the window. No doubt I’ll show them to you all soon. Let me know what you’ve been buying or loving recently!

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