TODAY: New In #2

As you may have noticed in my recent outfit posts, sunglasses are now officially ‘my thing’ now the weather’s warmer. I may use them partly to hide my dark circles and partly because I’m massively photophobic (damn you, sun) but mostly because I just really love them.

My latest pair are Marc by Marc Jacobs and are the perfect shape. Oversized but not too big, cat eye but not too pointed. Just perfect. They make me look a bit more chic than RayBan’s, yet the slightly thicker frame adds some more detail. The logo isn’t too over the top, either. Just a simple print down the side of the arms, keeping to the monochrome look, which is something I appreciate (yes Helen, stop with the monochrome). They come in a sleek black box, seen here on my instagram, which is good as I currently throw my sunglasses into my bag and they’re getting very scratched. All in all, they’re my new favourite thing and I apologise in advance if they’re never off my face all summer long.

This particular pair came from The Sunglasses Shop, who stock a huge range of designer glasses and sunglasses. Think everything from Celine (my beloved Audrey’s!), to Chanel to Stella McCartney. They offer pretty good prices too, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for your perfect summer pair. I always think designer accessories are worth investing in, as they can last season after season if you pick a staple style. So, if you can save a few extra pennies on the RRP, why not?

Are you coveting any sunglasses this summer? I’m still dreaming of my Celine’s!

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