today: new old blazers and too much food

blazer: zara / jeans: topshop / shoes: isabel marant / shirt: new look / belt: primark / bag: D&G / necklace: H&M

i genuinely didn’t realise this shirt was so see-through until i left the house. definitely going to make a mental note for next time! jeez.
i wore this to go… not to the boys house. i honestly don’t spend all my time there, in fact i only see him twice a week, they just happen to be the days i take my outfit photos! just incase you’s all thought i lived an incredibly monotonous life haha.
anyways (god helen, get on with it) i went to frankie and benny’s with my friend as i hadn’t seen her in a while and we had a good old catch up. conversation involved local murderers (as she works within the law), how we wish we were rich and her relationship situation (arranged marriage vs secret boyfriend. dramaz etc). it was nice even if people around us were like what the hell…
i’ve had this blazer since zara’s last A/W sale but never actually worn it. going to have to search around my wardrobe for items to pair it with as it’s so very fitted and i can’t cram a jumper underneath. boo etc. also, i reckon these jeans are starting to rebel against me by slowly turning grey. as i wear them in 60% of my outfit photos on here, i think they’re telling me to wear something else. that might happen, but it probably won’t.

rubbish iphone photos, i know, but this is what i had to eat at the restaurant. a goats cheese and caramelised onion pizza / a cinnamon waffle with hot chocolate sauce and ice cream. considering i was complaining about my figure in one of my previous posts, i don’t really think this has helped. i promise i’ll go on a diet (right after i eat this giant bar of galaxy…)

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