today: an outfit, a new video and my giveaway winner!

shirt: urban outfitters* (here) / jeans: topshop (here) / jacket: religion (similar here) / shoes: vivienne westwood* (similar here)

i threw this outfit together (mainly because i wanted to wear my new shoes) and on reflection, i don’t particularly like it. however, this blog is about showing you lot out there on the internet what i wear, so there it is. i personally think the shirt is too short. it stops on a place that i’d prefer covered and i don’t think i’ll wear it again (or return it as i only wore it for the photos).
those who have read my blog for a while, or even new readers for that matter, know i’ll pick a pair of jeans over a dress or a skirt 9.9 times out of 10 as i personally think they suit me more. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i own about 30 dresses and around 15 skirts (i have hoarding issues) and i do like them, i just a) hate wearing tights and b) find jeans more comfortable. anyways, my main point is that i keep feeling like my outfits are quite repetitive on this blog and maybe i should switch things up a bit, but i can’t seem to stop myself reaching into that side of my wardrobe and squishing myself into some skinnies.
which leads me onto a sort of resolution: wear more of my wardrobe. i have to before it consumes me (both mentally and physically, it’s really quite overstuffed).

anyways, i asked on instagram if you all preferred the pink or black pair when i got these shoes and the resounding chorus of ‘black’ was the answer. well, i think i’m going to keep both pairs as the pink is quite sweet and will go well with lighter toned outfits in spring. so yeah, thanks to the small amount of people who said ‘both’, you have won yourself 10 points!

after nearly putting my fist through my laptop yesterday, i eventually uploaded one of the videos i recorded (i’m going to try and fix the other one today). it’s a fashion tag reply to the lovely kirsti, so please like and subscribe and all that jazz.
ps. why does youtube always use the WORST three moments of your entire video to use? honestly, youtube, sort it out.

aaaand, as a little bonus: my giveaway in association with barratts shoes ended last night and the winner is…
entry 1053: emily from one way beauty!
i know i’ve already notified you, but here it is again!

i’ll be doing another giveaway shortly (international this time) as i reached 1500 followers a while back, so please stay tuned for that as i’m sure it’ll blow your minds (or something).

ps. get yourself some lovely jewellery from tribal blaze, you can get an extra 15% off with the code ‘thelovecatsinc’ too.

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