today: outfits and kids

jumper and jeans: topshop / shoes: ebay / bracelets: ebay and asos / bag: celine / watch: MK / jacket: vintage (via ebay)

with this jumper having bat-wing effect sleeves that attach half way down, it makes me look like i’ve got bigger sides than i have! ignoring that, i do have a penchant for grey jumpers (as my friends remind me, they banned me from buying them at one point!) and always reach for this one when i don’t know what to wear. i haven’t quite got over the grey and red colour combo from the previous post, so here it is again! i’m sure you’re all thrilled…

i’m still not 100% sure about this leather jacket. as i’m nearly 5ft10, it ends at the smallest part of my waist and makes me feel a bit frumpy. hmm… to put it back on ebay or not, that’s the question. though i am leaning more towards selling it (it’s a UK10 if anyone’s interested!)
on to actual life: looking after the kids the other day was actually alright. there were cute times, cheeky times (the five year old is getting terrible) and screamy times, but luckily my mum came round with me so she sorted out the latter two issues!
this evening i’m going out with the boy but i do have a question for you all: what exactly does one wear to a night out in a basement of an old building, listening to house/electro music? more importantly, heels or no heels. hmm… anyways, it probably won’t matter as i’m gonna get so drunk i won’t remember my name anymore. well, maybe not, but i do plan on dancing and adopting about 10 new best friends. everyone seems so lovely when you’ve had a few drinks, right?

(see what i mean about the jumper making me look bigger? i give up)

as sweet as he looks, sometimes my nephew is a complete pest. he woke up from his nap and was really intrigued by my camera. thought it would be cute to get some photos but could i get a smile out of him? definitely not. he preferred to try and press buttons or mess up my hair. cheers, alexander.


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