today: pink and black

top: oasap (sold out but similar-ish style here) / jeans: zara (similar here and here) / belt: primark (similar here and here) / boots: isabel marant (here) / necklace: H&M (similar here and here) / bag: celine / nails: models own balearic blue (here) and OPI bring on the bling (similar here and here)

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this outfit never actually made it out of the house. i was all set to go and then realised i was utterly boiling in my room, so i’d probably die outside. i ended up wearing this instead which was a lot cooler. the ‘sleeves’ aren’t really sleeves on this top, you can flip them behind and it looks like a cape. superhero top, go!
me and the boy went for massively overpriced asian food and some cocktails the other day, obviously the latter was better than the former. we were sat next to these huge windows and got to spend most of the meal people watching, which was probably the best bit. there are some grade A geordie shore style people out on a friday night in newcastle, it’s marvelous.
the next day was supposed to be spent going on a walk, but materialised into getting a sweet chilli chicken wrap and a strawberry milkshake from mcdonalds followed by so many episodes of 24. i wore this, if you’re interested, with a side order of blurry boyfriend.

from the top: we had duck pancakes for starters, but i love duck so much that i crammed it all in my face without taking a photo first. whups. next is the boys deep fried monkfish tail with wasabi pepper sauce, which was tasty, next to my coconut rice. then we have my thai red curry (one of my favourites) with his garlic potatoes (an authentic asian dish? hmmm…)
second row: my lychee martini which was really nice. i buy lychee juice drinks from the asian supermarkets anyways, so it just tasted like that with added vodka. we went to a cocktail bar afterwards so the boy could get what we call ‘whiskey death’, it’s literally pure alcohol. he loves it but i think it’s too strong. i opted for my usual sherbet martini which is so sweet but so good. oh, and the last photo is the ceiling in the restaurant. how pretty!

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