TODAY: The Pink Bag

coat: COS | jumper: H&M | jeans: J Brand | boots: Isabel Marant | bag: Gucci | sunglasses: RayBan* 

Bit of a casual outfit for me, as I really just wanted to snap photos of the bag! It’s such a pretty little thing and I’m so excited to wear it to death in lots of outfits over the years. I love the tone of it too, as I’m trying to incorporate more nude and natural tones into my wardrobe. I realised the other day that’s it’s 90% black, white, navy or grey and while I’m totally ok with that, a few softer tones wouldn’t go amiss!

I’m really obsessed with wearing these boots at the moment too, as they seem to go with everything! My Isabel Marant boots are genuinely the best things I’ve ever bought, which I know sounds ridiculous but after owning them for ages now, I still love them as much as the day they arrived! I do adore purchases like that.

Anyway, I won’t say too much as it’s Friday and I am so done with this week. Even though I’ve been busy at work, everything seems to have gone so slowly! Excited for the weekend and spending my day playing Mario Kart.

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Helen x
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