today: printed vests and leather jackets

outfit one: vest top: voodoo girl* (here) | jacket: karen millen via ebay (similar here) | jeans: topshop (here) | shoes: vivienne westwood (here) | watch: MK (here)
outfit two: vest: voodoo girl* (here) | jacket (here) and jeans (here): topshop | boots: chloe | watch: MK (here) | bracelets: ASOS

i took these photos when i was still full of cold, so ignore my puffy face please and thank you. let’s begin: two casual outfits just to show off these amazing vests from voodoo girl. my photos make the first vest look washed out, but it’s this amazing mix of colours which you can see better here. receiving these in the post made me feel so excited for summer, even though the weather is rubbish right now. i literally cannot wait to be able to wear shorts again! though i can predict the boredom of seeing a billion girls arses hanging out of the bottom of cut off levi’s will set in fairly early. you’re 14, put yourself away and get a grip. normal society begs you.
back to my original topic: i love personal touches from brands and voodoo girl put these adorable (in my opinion) little dolls onto their tags which i think is really sweet! i’m going to find a way to hang them from my ipad, i’m determined:

i feel like i’m being so boring with my posts recently, but i really haven’t been up to much! uni is stressing me out as i feel like they’ve dumped all the rubbish modules on us this year, you know, in the year that means the most. sigh! anyways, today i’m off to uni, then to visit an old friend as i haven’t seen her for a bit and then i think i’m staying at the bf’s afterwards. i feel like i need a holiday, july and helsinki can’t come quick enough.

ps. make sure you’ve checked out the lovely georgia’s blog!

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