today: rain and mint

hi dark circles!

i’m full of cold which i have caught off my dad, but his is a thousand times worse. hopefully mine will go away because i have a lot of uni work to do next week.

today, i went to the park with my sister, nephew and niece. it was very warm but as soon as we sat on the grass it started raining, how annoying! i was really looking forward to outdoor chips as they always taste better but there was no places selling them and with my dad being so poorly he’s not going to bring food in tonight. it’s only half 4 and i’m hungry already, greedy perhaps? i haven’t had much so far though, only spaghetti on toast, like a child. i keep thinking about the gym and feeling guilty that i didn’t go today, oops.

i have money again in approximately 5 days, my heart is totally set on an all leather boston celine bag, but i don’t know if i can justify the price. my 21st birthday is in june, so i might ask for something like that, after all my sister got a deposit for a house so i think i can get a bag…

anyways, todays outfit:

images via google image search, it’s entirely topshop!

1) grey speckled jumper, it’s honestly my favourite thing in the world, so comfy
2) mint shirt, i was going to wear it alone but it got cold and had to put a jumper over to keep warm
3) dark blue skinny jeans, a wardrobe staple
4) amie wedges, my latest shoe purchase, they’re so comfortable, i love them

some might think the shoes wouldn’t go, but i always love grey and camel together. and i think wearing pastel colours like mint really freshen a neutral colour up, don’t you agree? perhaps not but i like it. i’ve now thrown a huge black cardigan over the top (also topshop) as i can’t seem to warm up, sad face etc.

i asked my mum to bring me some paracetamol and i’m going to sit on my bed and watch japanese drama i think. always makes me feel better.