today: rain, j-drama and summer

the blog has been abandoned for the past few days due to me rekindling my love for the xbox, finishing uni work and visiting the boyfriend.

as much as i enjoy it, i don’t think spending hours in front of a tv blowing things up is doing me any good. i keep forgetting to blink and now my contact lenses are definitely not behaving correctly. ouch.

focusing more on the pathetic side of my life, i’ve also started watching a new j-drama as i finished the last one (eventually, it lost plot/i lost interest mid way through). it’s called ‘gokusen’ and it’s really quite funny, the lead actress is wonderful.

all my university work has been handed in. i decided to write my essay about dolce and gabbana and their scandalous advertisements, which i personally don’t mind but everyone in the ad business seems to dislike.

i desperately need new things to do over the summer (and money to do it with). i want to go thrifting again as much as i used to and find some bargains, go back to manchester for krispy kreme doughnuts (which i’m doing in june anyways) and eat in new restaurants. just need to make all of the above happen and i will be happy