today: safari and presents

jacket and jeans: topshop (jacket here) / necklace and belt: primark / shirt: vintage (similar here and here) / boots: isabel marant (here)/ bag: chanel (NB: i actually fastened my top button and shortened the necklace so it looked a bit better)

eventually got my mitts on a leather sleeved safari jacket. whilst everyone is selling their zara ones for obscene amounts on ebay (£250? whaaat), this one popped up on topshop’s website the other week for £65 which ain’t all that bad really. the primark version that looked oh so lovely on the A/W campaign photos really doesn’t look all that nice in person. the PU sleeves are paper thin and it just looks, well, cheap.
as mentioned in a previous post, my friend came back from chicago and we went for a nandos. you think we’d do something more exciting, but i hadn’t had one for weeks and she hadn’t for a year, so it was extra yum. i made her a box of cupcakes (which i stupidly forgot to take a photo of) and she brought me some presents!

first of all, i insisted she went to walmart and got me some more of those baby lips lip balms by maybelline, as i am addicted! they’re seriously the only balm i’ve found to work long term so i’d strongly recommend them.
next, she bought me those boots from urban outfitters. i remember linking her to them on skype aaages ago and then forgetting all about it. little did i know she had went and bought me a pair. i love them! they’re like the opening ceremony ones just not as high, can’t wait to wear them.
 lastly, as previously mentioned, she’s been gone a year and has apparently been buying presents throughout her time over there. so i got these MAC nail polishes from their christmas collection which i will definitely be trying out, the gold looks utterly beautiful!
she gave me everything in that aztec pattern tote bag which i actually love and will be using too! so thank you to sharon, awesome friend and future housemate.

ps. i’ve reached 500 followers now (yay, thank you!) and i’m currently buying a few things for my giveaway. there may be two prizes so keep checking back!

pps. i’ve also listed that red leather jacket and another black one on ebay, so check them out here! (i’m so very poor, please buy them off me haha)


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