today: shearling biker jackets and leopard print

 jacket: M&S (I know, right?) here | shirt: zara sale | jeans: zara | shoes: isabel marant dickers | bag: michael kors | watch: michael kors mk8077

Hello! Hope you’re all sorted for Halloween if you’re doing something! It’s my favourite holiday, but unfortunately I’m at work from 9am today and tomorrow, so no going out/staying up late for me. I’d happily watch horror films all day and night, which is what I do on my days off anyways. My boyfriend finds it strange when he comes back from work and I’m just sat watching a Korean horror or something. I can’t be the only one who does that, right?
Anyways, as a mostly black ensemble is as close as I’m coming to a Halloween outfit, can we discuss my coat for a second? First of all, it reminds me of Acne which is a huge +1 in my eyes. Secondly, it’s from M&S! Now, I know M&S has been doing it’s thang this A/W with their coats, props to that pink one everyone loves, but c’monnnn perfect aviator or what? You have to go down a few sizes as it’s quite big fitting (I’m wearing a 6!) but it’s oh so snuggly and therefore 100% my new favourite jacket ever …for this week, at least. Thank you M&S for showing that people younger than 40 can shop there for clothes and not just those honey BBQ crisps that I’m thoroughly addicted to. Four for you M&S, you go M&S.

Also, I got a new bag so you may get sick of this one as much as you probably are of my MK selma…

Everything in my blog sale needs to go by the end of this week! Please take a look :)

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