TODAY: Sheepskin and Marble

jacket: M&S | shirt: zara sale | jeans: zara sale | boots: topshop sale | bag: michael kors

Hello! There’s a lot of sale items in today’s outfit, so apologies for the lack of direct links. This Zara shirt is one of my new favourites as marble print is pretty high on my list of loves right now. Same with anything similar to that Balenciaga cracked print. If only I could own that jumper…

Anyway, today is the first day in about ten days where I feel vaguely normal. Usually when I get a cold, they last for approx three days before promptly disappearing like they were never there. But, whatever the hell this thing was decided to linger for way longer than it needed to. Like an unwanted guest. I’ve went through the sore throat/swallowing glass phase, the sinuses so blocked I felt like I could barely open my eyes phase and yesterday I felt like I was going to throw up all day (which was made worse by only having 3.5hrs sleep the previous night). I wouldn’t wish it on anybody!

So, as I’m feeling better (but not quite in the right frame of mind to do blog photos) I’ve decided to have a full blog admin day and catch up session. I’m quite behind on emails etc, so I’m going to trawl through my Gmail and get organised! So, if you want advertising in February, grab it now…

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