TODAY: Shorts Day

shirt: ASOS | shorts: ZARA (old, similar in link) | boots: chloe | bag: D&G | hat: ASOS 

A little short and sweet post before I run off to organise my afternoon (and cram in a work out, nope I haven’t given up yet!) before looking after my sisters kids. This outfit was what I wore to meet Amy the other day, as I officially declared it shorts day. Typically the one day I hadn’t applied any tan, too. So pale…

I’m much happier with how my outfit photos have turned out recently, as it’s more along the lines of what I wish they had been all along. Having another blogger to help makes such a huge difference, as they know exactly what you want, so I’m excited to keep up the pace and hopefully they’ll keep improving as I go. I’m getting a new camera for my birthday (hello Canon 700D) so have been reading every photography tips blog post, looking at different lenses and feeling very motivated and optimistic about the whole thing! It’s nice to feel inspired by something new so fingers crossed everything will get better on thelovecatsinc over the next few months.

So, if you know any helpful blog posts on photography or editing, please do link me up!
oh, ps. make sure you’ve entered my £250+ beauty giveaway!

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