today: slouchy shorts and weekend visitors

short and jumper: H&M / shoes: ebay / bag: mulberry (wow, my knees look strange in the second photo, haha)
this is what i threw on the other day to go to an exam. the weather was lovely but slightly windy, so a thin jumper was the perfect choice. i’m all over the whole sporty look for this summer, slouchy shorts are possibly my favourite fashion item at the moment.
when i got back home, i had to babysit a total of four cats. my sister has went away for the weekend so her two siamese cats are at our house.

not fantastic photos, but one of them won’t come out of her carry box and the other won’t come down off the top of the kitchen cupboard! my two cats just want to play but the other two aren’t having any of it. i predict a lot of hissing in the next two days…

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