TODAY: Snake and Fur

coat: vintage | jeans: zara, smilar | top: zara | bag: D&G | boots: zara sale | watch: michael kors, alt

Hello! This coat has got to be one of my favourite hand-me-downs. My lovely nana gave it to my sister years ago, who buried it away in her wardrobe for it to never see the light of day, before finally realising that it should just be mine so I can wear it forever. I do adore it though, as it’s enormous and warm and I’d probably never find anything similar even if I stalked eBay for the next ten years.

Apologies for having little to say today, but zombie mode has kicked in and there’s not much to chat about! Feel like I need a hot bath, a massive hot chocolate, a face mask and a duvet. That’s probably all I’ll think about at work today…

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