today: snake and stilettos

dress: vaudeville and burlesque via urban outfitters* (sold out, but get their dresses here) / heels: french connection (similar here) / bag: D&G / belt: primark (similar here)

let’s all just ignore how blurry the third photo is, shall we? yes? on with the post then…
christenings feel like such a part of ‘getting older’, when your friends decide that they desperately need to pop out a sprog, be screamed at for the next 18 years and not get a good nights kip in all that time. i’m still unsure, but rather firmly resting on the side of DO NOT WANT, with the whole kid situation but hey, i’m only 22 and in the meantime there’s a whole load of these types of events to attend and babies to go ‘aww’ at.
 i didn’t manage to break my ankles in these heels (i say that like it’s a bad thing, not sure why) and am feeling incredibly pleased with myself. definitely couldn’t wear them longer than a few hours as i suffer a severe case of bambi-on-ice syndrome whilst they’re strapped to my feet. as for the dress, i adore it but typically it was a windy day and i think i flashed my arse to the entire congregation, sorry about that.
we didn’t go to the little after-do, as there’s only so much baby/religion i can take, and opted for a trip to zara, nandos and krispy kreme. or rather, we looked at the approximately hour long queue in-store, the 45min drive-thru (yes we have a drive-thru krispy kreme (and starbucks) how amazing is that!) and the boy promised he’d buy me some mid-week instead as he works near there. i can deal with that.
the rest of the day was spent with me feeling incredibly sorry for myself as my sniffles seem to have developed into a mini cold, typically when we’re actually having some nice weather. and, to make matters worse, i bought a size 10 pair of jeans from zara and they’re too small despite owning a pair of size 8 ones that fit. nothing makes a cold seem worse than feeling like a right chunk to go with it. hmpf!

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