today: stripe playsuits, electric blue and the hangover

hello, this is me today, just face pictures as always…
i’ve been trying to sort through my makeup, here’s some of my lipstick collection. i hate how some of the colours looks quite similar…
i also need to sort out my coats, i love them all but summer is coming up

and i rediscovered these shoes i’ve never worn. they’re navy blue velvet with the most adorable bows, need to incorporate them into an outfit
today, i went into town to go shopping, go to nandos and the cinemas (hangover 2 is so funny) with my friend sharon. i bought this playsuit from topshop:

only £26 plus they had 20% student discount, so i thought it was a bargain.

i am now obsessed with these wedges, i saw them in the shops in blood red and i was amazed. then i saw them online in electric blue and was blown away, urg so beautiful:

they’re £70 and i want them so, so much.
that’s all for today, i’m going to help my sister out with the kids tomorrow and go to the beach. hope you’s are all enjoying the nice weather!