today: stripes and white

blazer: topshop, similar here | knit: zara, similar here | jeans: zara, similar here | boots: topshop

hello! bit of a late-ish post from me, as utter laziness has taken over and now the great british bake off is on (ie. holy grail television), so what do you expect, really? although black is a shade that has been mostly gracing my favourites section, white is still a shade trying to creep its way into my autumn/winter wardrobe. this bag also needs to be dragged out of its dustbag more often, as it’s lived there for quite some time. buying (well, receiving as a gift) vintage items sometimes means that granny smell doesn’t leave for quite some time and, as it’s nearly gone, hopefully it’ll see the light of day on the regular.
anyways, aesthetic musings aside, how are you all doing? there was a moment on monday where my world was 100% doom and gloom. the ‘what am i doing with my life’ crisis had firmly taken hold and, as my job is mainly me just standing around with my thoughts, it was blown out of all proportion in my head. how depressing of me. my day was started with starbucks and krispy kreme (served by the most lovely person in the world, who also gifted me a free hot chocolate. i think she was trying to poach me away from starbucks. ain’t gonna happen) today, so it was slightly better. also, writing down a list of things to do to cheer me up has helped, first up: eating better (ignore the starbucks), take the time to treat myself (whether that be skincare or little material treats) and make more of an effort with the things i enjoy. fingers crossed it helps me out of this uninspired funk!

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