today: suede and fur

coat and shirt: vintage / jumper: H&M / boots: river island / bag: mulberry / jeans: topshop
this is my windswept, cold and slightly disgruntled face today. it was so stupidly windy when i went out to university this morning that i ended up missing my metro due to being blown into people’s fences and not being able to walk fast enough. awful!
being cold called for wearing the obligatory fur coat and chelsea boots. i think the colour of my mulberry and the suede on my shoes go quite nice together, so i’ll be combining these more often.
i had a mini exam on public affairs which i think i did alright in then i came back home. i was going to go to the gym but i really didn’t feel like it so i’m just sat here, blogging and eating a creme egg. i think this is much better than being on the cross-trainer for an hour and a half.