today: summer attire and a liebster award

jumper: topshop (similar here and here) / shorts: silence and noise via urban outfitters* (similar here and here) / bag: D&G / shoes: isabel marant (here) / watch: michael kors (similar here)

it was gloriously sunny on the day this outfit was worn. however, being the ridiculous human i am, i forgot to put my contact lenses in and therefore couldn’t wear sunglasses. most of the day was spent making squinting faces at my sister and the kids like an idiot, or trying really hard to stop my eyes watering (i’m massively photophobic). but, i am grateful for the opportunity to wear shorts. with the recent weather, i know everyone has talked about it and you’re probably all bored to death of listening, i thought summer was all forgotten about. the paranoid part of me still wants to wear a jumper, you know, just incase.
when i was at my sisters house, my healthy eating plan was totally forfeit in favour of a pizza that i didn’t enjoy, don’t you hate it when that happens? sometimes it sucks being such a huge food lover/fat person stuck inside a size 10 body.

moving on, the oh so lovely josie from josie loves shoes (her blog name alone means she has instant awesome points) nominated me for one of those liebster award thangs so here’s some lovely (boring) facts about me:

1. i’m absolutely terrified of hot things/lighters etc. it takes a good while to pluck up the courage to get something out of the oven.
2. on me and the boys first date (we were so very drunk) i sang every word of 212 by azealia banks, c-word and all. we’ve been together ever since so i think he’s a keeper.
3. i really dislike celebrity culture. kim kardashian is awful and i don’t know the name of anyone from TOWIE. it just ain’t my bag, baby.
4. electro/house music is my favourite. nine times out of ten i’ll prefer the remix to the original. currently loving this right here.
5. i’d rather watch a horror than a rom-com any day. even the phrase ‘rom-com’ makes me do a little sick.
 6. i hate amanda holden with every fiber of my being.
7. for the nosy out there: i don’t have a job (someone employ me please?) and i pay for any big purchases with savings i piled up during my year out of university. i worked in a call centre, surely i deserve to buy myself something nice for the torture i endured?
8. i’m one of those ‘animal people’. i can’t watch an episode of RSPCA rescue with a dry eye or without saying ‘awwww, poor thing, i’ll look after you’ a million times. future cat lady up in here, HOLLA.
9. i don’t ever want children and i don’t really believe in the whole marriage thing. i’d much rather spend my money on shoes or go on holiday three times a year.
10. i have two cats at my parents house, they’re both siamese and meow very loudly. they like to sleep under the duvet so i’m often woken up by being headbutted in the face.
11. i’m going to marrakech later in the year, not sure if i’ve mentioned it on the blog yet but i’m ridiculously excited!

now you can wake back up and check out these wonderful blogs as i nominate them for being excellent in every way:

laura at only half-dressed, as her outfits are super sweet!
tina from tenacious me, she always looks ridiculously chic in everything she wears.
emmy from scarberian fashion lover, for her lovely outfits and lovely comments.
and finally, amber from the girly bird, as her photos are beautiful and i absolutely adore her writing style.

i could easily write a million more, but have you seen how long this post is? c’mon guys. you can either do a facts/nomination thing back, or not, it’s up to you. but here’s a little bit of love and recognition either way!


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