TODAY: That Coat

coat: canada goose, similar here | jeans: zara | jumper: topshop (old) | trainers: new balance, here | bag: michael kors, here

So, here it is, the coat I’ve been going on about on twitter and my blog for the past week or so. Now, I’m aware some of you may think it’s rather unstylish, like a slightly strange parka, but I can indeed confirm that I care not as I am positively in love with this coat. So in love that I genuinely feel sad when I have to take it off. It’s literally the warmest, most cosy, perfect thing to ever have graced my upper body. I wish they’d infused the same snuggly technology into a pair of jeans, as my lower half is now substantially colder. This is pretty much my uniform to and from work now. I haven’t had a coat with a hood since I was little, so it’s a bit of a novelty, especially as it’s so massive and furry. I don’t even care if it rains anymore.
Anyway, I have some glorious days off this week, so yesterday was spent taking lots of outfit photos so I have some to share. I had a bit of an ‘I hate my blog’ demotivated breakdown on Sunday night, but I think that was down to feeling like I had no time to do any posts. So, I’ve pulled myself together a bit, wrote down what needs to be done and I’m feeling a bit more organised. Still hating my blog slightly, but less than I did at the weekend. I just feel like it needs something else, but not sure what. The content feels a bit samey to me, but I honestly don’t know where to begin changing it up. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

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