today: three outfits and a twitter question

shirt: sheinside (here and similar here)) / coated jeans (similar here and here) and necklace (similar here): H&M / wedges: topshop (similar here and here) / bag: D&G / watch: MK (here and similar here)

the other day i took to twitter to ask people what i should wear out of options one, two and three. you lot, if you did indeed vote, had mixed opinions on what outfit to pick which lead me to taking a lot of clothes to my boyfriends house. i like options, so it was all good in the hood, as they say (who says that?).
these jeans were another tighter-when-i-bought-them-but-now-mysteriously-loose-despite-losing-no-weight purchase. H&M’s sizes are so, so weird. but, i did really want to wear them as i’m obsessed with anything coated/leather looking at the moment. i’m dying to get my hands on a pair of helmut lang-esque leather leggings, but i can’t find a decent matte finish, non super skin tight pair anywhere. suggestions welcome.
anyways, the shirt was a gift from sheinside and i do quite love it. the collar and cuffs are leather, which adds something a bit special, and the material is lightweight but has a denim-ish effect. i think it’s all round excellence but as i was boiling in my bedroom, i opted not to wear it for fear of passing out/dying in a bar.

shirt and shoes (here): asos / coated jeans: H&M (similar here and here) / bag: D&G / watch: MK (here and similar here)

this was the outfit i actually ended up wearing, but with the wedges of the first outfit as i can’t walk in those heels. i bought them on ebay a while back (£12!) and they’re a little big, both in actual size and heel height. i know i’ve said it before, but being used to wedges makes thinner heels seem like an impossible task!
i love this top, even though it looks like pyjamas. it’s one of the comfiest yet most effortless tops to wear and, despite how odd it may seem, goes with the vast majority of my wardrobe. four plus points to you, asos. you go asos. (yay, references)

jumper: H&M (similar here and here) / jeans (here and similar here) and shoes (similar here, here and here): topshop / bag: mulberry (similar here) / watch: MK (here and similar here) / bracelets: asos (here, here and here)

i wore this the next day as i thought i’d be hungover and need a cozy jumper. turns out i only had three drinks as we never made it to town, opting to stay in the boys flat with his friends and have a ‘crack on’ (that phrase seems questionable when typing as opposed to saying it in real life, it makes me raise an eyebrow and go ‘really? we’re erm, going with that are we?’). sometimes i prefer chilling out than going to a club, plus it leaves me with more money to buy YSL lipsticks. obviously.
we went out with the intention of getting a sunday dinner (well, he did, i hate them. am i the only person in the UK with that opinion?) but that never worked out. with it being such a beautiful day, it seems everyone in newcastle had the same idea, resulting in a lot of things being taken off the menu and an hour+ wait for even a hint of food. we ended up with a mcdonalds and it wasn’t enjoyable, it never is when it’s a last resort! nevermind, ey. i spent the rest of the afternoon either napping or helping clean the boys bathroom ready for him to move out. i still can’t get the smell of bleach out of my hair.

ps. i’ve reached 700 followers and my next post will be my 500th, so i think that’s an ideal time to launch my new giveaway! you can win a nude MAC lipstick and the entire models own hed kandi collection, so please keep your eyes out for that!

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