today: tiger and blue

leather jacket: religion / shirt: vintage / jeans: topshop / boots: acne / bag: celine

today, my skin has been destroyed due to being far too sensitive. i’m currently sat with zinc and castor oil (aka baby butt cream) slapped all over my face. it’s a nightmare, let me tell you.
anyways, this is today’s outfit. i’ve decided to team the acne boots with leather and channel my inner alison mosshart with a more rock and roll (cheesy, yes) approach to wearing them. oversized shirts and too tight jeans shall be worn and i shall like it.
here’s a fact for you: i’ve realised that i put too many things in the side pockets of my celine bag and am, therefore, making it all misshapen. i need to stop this.
for the rest of my evening i will be searching for flats just incase my friend does come back early from america. i’ve never been more excited at the prospect in my life.